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Express Clear 200, 30 gallon

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Available Now! Keep it Short, Don’t Trash your Stems! Express Clear 200 is our new technology that eliminates the need to re-cut your stems. With this transformative solution, you will see the same performance you have come to expect with our Floralife® Clear 200 Storage & Transport Treatment without the hassle and added labor of re-cutting your stems

• Helps reduce flower scrap from cutting
• Eliminates steps in processing to significantly reduce labor and flower processing
• Wholesalers and Retail Florist can sell the stem length they buy
• Still provides
• A balanced formula to lower the pH and increase the speed of flower hydration
• Appropriate amount of nutrients to prevent premature bud opening and bent neck in flowers
• Helps in keeping the flower stem’s “plumbing” free flowing
• Can be used with all flower varieties as well as with flowers that are uncut or have been newly cut
• Reduces flower stress and damage, limiting the opportunity for air bubbles, bacteria and fungus to be introduced into the flower