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Flower Care

Ordering your bulk flowers:

We sell flowers in bulk packs. They will come to you packaged in wholesale packaging. You will receive product as a professional florist would. These products will not be arranged in a bouquet or a vase. We only sell in bulk packs which allows us to discount of products significantly cheaper than retail florists. We recommend that you have your flowers delivered 1-3 days before your event (Please refer to the product page for exact recommendation). This allows your product to open and hydrate properly and be in the prime of its life once your event comes.
    Delivery Dates:
We deliver Tues-Friday. We cannot delivery Sat-Sun-Monday. Please order at least 7 days in advance. We will contact you right away if there is any problem with your selected delivery date.

Receiving your flowers:
Please make sure someone is at the delivery address to accept the package. After your flowers arrive immediately do the following:
1. Open and inspect product. Your product may look sleepy and dehydrated. This is normal and perfectly fine. The flower head may droop when placing them in a container. We ship flowers in bud form. The flower head will be closed. This means it is the beginning of the flowers life and is a good thing.
2. Cut the bottoms on the flower stems on an angle and put in clean water.
3. Add flower preservative to the water such as Aquaplus or Floralife. This is important to extend the life of the flower.
4. Within 24 hours your product should be completely hydrated and looking great!
5. After 1-3 days (depending on the flower), your flowers should begin to bloom and the buds will open up.

Additional important notes:
1. Proper care suggests that you change the water in the flowers containers once per day.
2. Keep flowers in room temperature environment.
3. If the flowers are opening too slow, place them in a warmer environment. If you wish to slow down the opening of the flowers keep the in a cooler environment. 35 degrees F is recommended coldest and 75 degrees F is hottest.
4. Keep flowers out of direct sunlight, extreme heat or cold, and windy environments.