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Damage Insurance

If you are ordering a fragile item, we recommend you purchase our damage insurance to make sure you will receive a full refund or full reshipment.

We will always pack your orders with utmost care and professionalism. We will go out of our way to make sure your items are properly protect (with insurance or without) and our record shows this (We have a less than 1% damage rate). However when your package is in transit, it is out of our control. Occasionally an item will break while its on its way to you.

Damage Insurance Benefits:

  • Full refund for the item and shipping costs


  • Full reshipment of item that was damage

You can choose between a refund or reshipment.

What happens if you don't have damage insurance and an item comes broken?

We will issue a refund for just the item. No shipping charges. We cannot offer a replacement or shipping refunds.
The reason for this is that glass/ceramic/fragile items are very costly to ship. So we are unable to offer reshipments. I understand this may not seem totally fair but this policy is in line with our competitors.

We highly recommend purchasing damage insurance if you are ordering glass or other fragile items.